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I'm a grown up Army brat who has moved 19 times which means I'm from nowhere and from all over. I grew up outside riding my bike, inside reading books, and far, far away in my imagination. I was never bored as a child because I always had books to keep me dreaming. My love for literature became my focus in college, and I have a BA with a double major in English and History, and MA in English, and finished it out with a Masters in Library Science. Yes, I was one of those people who enjoyed school.

I eventually stopped moving when I got a job as a librarian over six years ago here in Louisiana. I love my job because it suits my love of of literature and the thrill I get helping someone find just what he or she is looking for just perfectly!

To remind myself I am an adult, I put down the books and hang out with family and friends, especially my dinner club girls who never let a good sombrero picture opportunity pass them by! To remind myself to not be so serious, my friend Stephanie & I love scavenger hunts to find authors...but that story is only between me, her, and Maureen Johnson.  I also decided I was grown up enough to host a foreign exchange student recently, all by myself (thank you very much).  Nothing changes your life like 10 months with a 15 year old German girl!  I'm proud to say we both survived, she didn't starve, I got her to read a few YA books (besides the Hunger Games trilogy, she loved DivergentDelirium, and Pandemonium), and I think I might actually do again in the future.

So, if I didn't have enough in "real" life to work on, I also spread myself out online.  You can find me on my library's teen blog which I ran for more than a year until I took my current position, as a junior review for the Page Turners Blog (an awesome teen review blog), and also as a contributor to School Library Journal online every now and again.

If you want to find me with some social media, here I am: Goodreads Twitter

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